The position of the eyebrow normally rests at or above the top of the eye socket (superior orbital rim) Upper and lower blepharoplasty and brow lift Here the anesthetized skin of each eyelid is touched by radiowaves that deeply heat the skin below, and which in turn leads to sufficient collagen contraction to pull sagging, redundant lids upward to expose the real eyelid Eyelid surgery price Generally, most surgeons price upper and lower eyelids similarly and a discount is usually built in for doing both at the same time Alternative to eyelid surgery BOTOX can be used in an attempt to raise the brow, and this may slightly reduce the excess skin in the upper eyelids, but this is only temporary and will not actually reduce the excess skin

The Facilities

We have some great facilities here at Heathfield Park including the following:

  • Indoor arena 30 x 45 m with new surface 2013 and training mirrors
  • Lunging pen with new surface 2013
  • Grass jumping field
  • Full size polo field with club ‘house’
  • Stick and ball field
  • Approximately 50 acres of paddocks with hedging and safe fencing
  • Club room with shower, toilet and kitchen
  • Horse Walker
  • Accommodation block – five modern maisonettes with under floor heating.
pondmain yardstables_1accomodationhorsewalker lungeingindoorbarnfieldsoutdoorflat